About our company

My name is Julie Dayton. I, along with my husband, John Dayton, own and operate Jubilee Bath & Body. Jubilee Bath & Body was birthed in prayer with a desire to accomplish a couple of different goals. First, it was birthed out of desire to provide quality skin care products to women & men with “maturing” skin, like ours. In addition, it afforded us the opportunity to meet lots of new people. Lastly, it was birthed, as its name implies, as a vehicle by which we could become FREE from the debt we had found ourselves in to better position us in a place where we could freely bless & serve others. The icing on the cake in this journey the Lord is taking us on was being able to spend more time with each other. We soap together. We pray together. We play together. We love each other deeply. Most importantly, we love Jesus together. That is pretty much our life in a nutshell. We pray you will be blessed by our products, by our website “extras” and by the little sneak peeks into our “real life”.