All Natural Jewelweed & Plantain Salve (Poison Ivy/Sumac)



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Got Poison Ivy????? Pick up a bar of my Jewelweed soap and follow it up with this jar of liquid gold! Jewelweed and Plantain infused in organic olive oil and sweet almond oil for 6 long months extracting all of the wonderfully healing juices to combat that nasty poison family of weeds!

This listing is for 4 ounces of this precious golden salve. You'll completely know what I mean by "golden" if you have a raging case of poison ivy/sumac and you slather this goodness all over your rash. RELIEF fo sho! ;)

Please note that jewelweed & plantain are not available year round so once this salve is's gone baby!

Ingredients: Organic olive oil infused jewelweed, sweet almond oil infused plantain, beeswax, Vitamin E, eucalyptus essential oil, prayer

**You do have the option of requesting this salve without an essential oil. Please indicate in the ordering comments that you want it naked.**