About our company

My name is Julie Dayton and I own and operate Jubilee Bath & Body. Jubilee Bath & Body was birthed in prayer with a desire to accomplish a couple of different goals. It was birthed primarily out of desire to provide quality skin care products to women & men with “maturing" skin, like mine. My products are all made by me...using my own recipes....using natural ingredients. It is also a vehicle by which we could become FREE from the debt we had found ourselves in to better position us in a place where we could freely bless & serve others. Most days you can find us playing outside with our 3 rescue doggies & 3 rescue kitties, organic gardening in our raised beds, or chillin together on the back deck with a nice cup of java. We are simple people doing our best to live a more simple life this side of heaven.

Where we are located: 8040 E County Rd 400 N Hope, IN 47246

Contact us by phone: 812-374-8580