In Shower Lotion



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A perfect supplement to our goat milk soap for treating wintertime skin! Our in shower treatment is a wonderful solution for moisturizing your entire body...while still in the shower! the shower?!?! I know, right?! YES!!! This lotion is applied in the shower while your skin is still warm and supple for maximum penetration! Your skin will drink this liquid gold right in! I formulated this lotion to leave your skin perfectly hydrated & moisturized without leaving behind any greasy feeling on your skin whatsoever.

Directions for use: At the end of your shower, step out of the direct flow of water and apply lotion all over your body. Lightly rinse and pat skin dry.

Ingredients: shea butter, aloe vera juice, glycerin, castor oil, grapeseed oil, vitamin E, fragrance, prayer

***Use caution when exiting your shower as this product may make the shower floor slippery. No falling allowed!!