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Finally.....we have perfected our recipe and are so pleased to offer you our all natural aluminum free deodorant. With a perfect essential oil blend of tea tree, lavender and citrus, you will be smelling as fresh as you did just stepping out of the shower! Until we started researching the health benefits of using all natural bath & body products, I had no idea of the chemicals...many of which are toxic...that we were applying to our body each and every day...for years! Much has been studied about the effects of women using aluminum & phthalate based products...but also for men! The studies are pretty conclusive that aluminum is NOT healthy for our bodies and most believe..including us...that it has been correctly linked to breast cancer as well as Alzheimer disease. Just another reason to migrate away from chemically laced products over to using all natural ones. We feel this is a fabulous combination of essentials oils and ingredients as well as having a great texture & consistency for an all natural deodorant. If you, like us, are purposing to live a healthier and longer life...then using an all natural deodorant is a great place to start!

Please note: This is a deodorant only. Although it will not keep you from sweating, it WILL keep you from stinking. LESS IS BEST with application. 2-3 swipes is ALL that is needed. This was a hard one for me as I've always "iced" my underarms. I found out with all natural deodorants....over application may cause a temporary rash. Yep...I'm learning the "V" method ...two swipes, I'm done!
It is very important to give your body a small amount of time (usually 1-2 weeks) to adjust from using commercially made deodorant to natural deodorant. During this time, you may experience some irritation as your body adjusts and releases the synthetic chemicals it has been accustomed to. This period is TOTALLY worth it. A small percentage of people simply are unable to adjust to using baking soda under their arms and should therefore discontinue using this product.

Ingredients: organic coconut oil, shea butter, beeswax, arrowroot, baking soda, essential oils

Ingredients for Baking Soda Free option: organic coconut oil, shea butter, beeswax, arrowroot, non-nano zinc oxide, bentonite clay, food grade diatomaceous earth, probiotics
(The end product will have a greyish tint from the clays but it SHOULD NOT stain your clothing.)


This listing is for a whopping 2.5 oz of product. It is best kept at normal room temperature but can melt in temperatures higher than 76 degrees.

***Please also note that we cannot ship this product during the warmer summer months as we cannot guarantee the product will not melt in route.